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June 22 2017

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June 21 2017

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– A jak pani sypia?
– Różnie.
– To znaczy jak?
– Nie mogę zasnąć, nie mogę się obudzić.
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June 19 2017

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That’s actually not even a bad idea

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June 17 2017

marina ambramovic & ulay laysiepen, death self, 1977
(this performance consisted of the two artists seated in front of each other, connected at the mouth.
they took in each other’s breaths until all of their available oxygen had been used up.
the performance lasted only 17 minutes, resulting in both artists collapsing unconscious to the floor, having filled their lungs with carbon dioxide.
this personal piece explored the idea of an individual’s ability to absorb the life of another person, exchanging and destroying it.)
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June 16 2017

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