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June 28 2017

June 22 2017

March 03 2015

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May 07 2014

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December 04 2013

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October 05 2013

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September 30 2013

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September 24 2013

by Chris Piascik.
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Philosophy Hope in a Jar night moisturiser.
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August 31 2012

July 01 2012

Wine packaging design

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June 25 2012

Dot de Marc Jacobs | by Sayuri Shoji.
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June 23 2012

Designed by Stepan Azaryan of Backbone Creative.
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Blue Hugs (Concept) | by Timur Salikhov.
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April 13 2012

March 28 2012

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March 16 2012

30 Bizarre and Creative Packaging Design Examples

30 Bizarre and Creative Packaging Design Examples 17:27 10.03.2012, mayank, amazing, World Of Technology Evian 2005 Limited Edition Bottle

Experimental Milk Carton
Tequila Gun Packaging
Salt & Pepper Cell
Lightbulb Box
Kleenex Packaging
360 Paper Bottl
Wine in a Can
Doritos Packaging Concept
Hanger Tea

El Mil del Poaig Packaging
Wine Packaging
Egg Packaging Corrugated Card
Prism Eyewear
Pop-up Popcorn
Soy Mamelle
Dino Gum
Egg Package
Boxless Pizza Package Design

Instant Karma
Paul Smith x Evian
El Negrito Packaging Design
Coca-Cola 2009 Holiday Ornament Bottles
Sexy Gourmet Food
Quick Fruit Packaging Concept
Re:Charge Beverage packaging
EarBudeez Headphones

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February 24 2012

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February 17 2012

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